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Urs Gasche

Urs Gasche (Partner)
Attorney at Law

Phone: +41 31 356 21 21
Mail: urs.gasche(at)

University of Berne, Attorney at Law, admitted to Swiss bars (1981)

Professional experience:
Executive position in the public construction law of the canton of Berne till 1989. Thereafter active as a practicing attorney till the election as state council of the canton of Berne. Since his resignation he is a member of several boards of directors of companies and foundations and assumes political engagements on the federal Level, e. g. Schweizer Salinan AG, foundation Lindenhof Berne, association Swiss Medtech and also the participation in different patronages.

Political experience:

German, French, English

Preferred areas of practice:
Urs Gasche concentrates on his entrepreneurial and political mandates and is in generally not active as a practicing attorney.

Further current activities:

Member of the board of directors:

Member of the board of foundations:

Representative of Business Associations: